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    We Make Business Better

    Our method of making business better is to use a common sense and realistic approach to improving payment processes. We believe in innovation that is proven, easy to use, requires minimal effort to implement and works for the long haul.

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    Payment Statistics

    • 80% of all companies still use checks for the majority of their payments
    • 75% of surveyed CFO’s desire to increase electronic supplier payments
    • 90% of all companies use some electronic payment
    • 80% of all companies using electronic payments would like to move more payments to electronic
    • 49% of all B2B payments are still via check


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    More Statistics

    • Checks converted to e-Payments average 70% cost savings
    • Over 50% of all companies have experienced check fraud
    • 89% of CFO’s are asked to do more with less resources
    • Payroll checks are a huge burden on employees who are un-banked or under banked
    • The highest rate of un-banked or under-banked are found in the Southeast and California


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    The opportunities to improve business payments are incredible.

    Turn them into your competitive advantage!

    Everything we do revolves around reducing costs, maximizing efficiencies, and starting new revenue streams for our clients. Take advantage of our Advisory services – No cash outlay while improving your business.

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Simplify payment processes; streamline workflow for AP including check printing, ACH and payment card programs. Paper adds complexity.



Secure payment processes with appropriate controls and checks & balances to minimize risk of fraud (internal & external).



Sustain payment processes to minimize the use of paper checks, printed remittances, payroll advices, W-2’s, 1099’s, and other paper payment documents. This reduces costs, increases efficiency, and uses fewer resources on payments, while maximizing discounts, rebates and incentives.