Card Programs

Pay Card Programs

Card programs can be very powerful in the migration from checks to electronic payments. When used correctly card payments can simplify & streamline the payment process, minimize check printing, reduce fraud exposure, reduce overall payment costs, and generate a new revenue stream in rebates. Card programs can also be used to improve working capital, DPO (Days Payable Outstanding) and overall margin.

Card types including V-Card (Virtual), P-Card (Purchasing), T&E Pay cards, Declining balance cards, Fleet Cards, and Multiuse Commercial Cards can be combined to meet the needs of Small, Mid-Market, Enterprise businesses, Non-Profit organizations, K-12 School Districts, Colleges, Universities, and Government agencies.

Santee’s Card Programs Include:

V-Card (Virtual Card)
Purchasing Card
Travel & Expense
Declining Balance Cards
Multi-Use Cards
Fleet Cards

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