Securely Pay Vendors With The Lowest-Cost Payment Type

Easily migrate your AP checks to electronic payments, connecting data from multiple systems into one platform to securely pay vendors, suppliers or individuals from any company location.

Streamline processes that you control – from multiple locations, divisions, systems or operating procedures to 1 platform, using the lowest-cost payment file per transaction size:

  • Single Use Virtual MasterCard Account
  • Proprietary closed loop network
  • ACH
  • Wire
  • Check
  • International – SWIFT, IBAN, International ACH

Streamlines Payment Processes that You Control

Saves you a significant amount of money and time, all while keeping your bank and treasury relationships.

  • Save money with reduction in postage and supplies
  • Save time with less manual processing of individual payment methods
  • Reduce labor to fold, stuff, seal and stamp envelopes by 99%
  • Avoid check fraud losses and liability with Positive Pay , an automated fraud detection tool
  • Maintain existing bank and treasury relationships for strong business and community relations
  • Earn monthly rebates when using the MasterCard virtual card program

Strategic Payment Services

Whether your organization is new to e-payables or has an established e-payables program, the use of Strategic Payment Services can boost your cost savings and rebates substantially by increasing vendor participation with the use of proven best practices.  All payment partners (banks and non-banks) use their own strategy to quickly enroll as many vendors as possible with as little effort as possible. The fact remains that not all vendors will automatically accept card for many reasons. Strategic Payment Services works directly with a client to implement best practices to take them to a greater level of success. For more information on Strategic Payment Services, please contact us at 803-427-5040.