EDI / E-Invoicing

EDI • E-invoicing • Electronic Payment Transfers

EZ EDI – Any file, Any format, Anywhere – Securely, Accurately, and Cost Effectively

Stop the paper nightmare. Streamline your paper processes. Move to hassle free EDI, without changing your formats or systems. Send any data anywhere in any format.

  • Reduce paper process costs dramatically- 80% or more
  • Increase speed of communication
  • Increase security
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Hit “print” and we do the rest

Send invoices electronically and reduce invoice costs by 80% or more. No need to pay for software licensing, installation, training, or maintenance. No need to reformat your invoice files. Send via Secure FTP for distribution to clients.

Send payment files directly from your accounting / ERP system to payment providers without reformatting files or being concerned with payment partner technical specifications. Also receive confirmation and reconciliation files back from your payment partner in the format that you need to easily import into your accounting system. Ensure security and delivery of your critical payment files without the hassle and expense of an integration project.

Send & receive any once-paper-communication electronically with trading partners without reformatting files regardless of the technical requirements. This allows each partner to send and receive information in their preferred format. Our service bridges the gap to allow full function EDI at a fraction of the cost of in-house development.

We make it easy, straightforward, and cost effective to move to EDI.  It costs $500 to set up your first document type.  Period.  Then you pay-as-you-go with per-document rates starting at $2 and become even more affordable at higher volumes. Payments are per file transmission with unlimited # of records (Call for Payment file quotes). A monthly minimum of $100 applies to low volume EDI transactions.

Give your business access to EDI, allowing you to trade in your preferred format without changing your systems.