Emergency Communication

Can your organization communicate effectively during a crisis?

Sooner or later every organization will face a business disruption (natural or manmade). At this time, nothing is more critical than being able to effectively communicate with employees, internal teams, clients, stakeholders, and suppliers. During an emergency, the “KIS” (Keep It Simple) principle trumps all. Communication must be easy to access, simple to use, simple to send target messages to different audiences & teams, and more than anything it must work, and it must work fast. You can’t afford to wonder if the system is working correctly or if messages are delivered. You must have the answers at your fingertips.

As a proven leader in communications, that has made over 1 Billion calls during pressure situations, you can rest assured that your organization has the tool it needs to be successful and at the right price point to be affordable. State & local governments across the United States have relied on this solution for decades.  It’s not about marketing – it’s about results.

Emergency Communication Key Points:

  • Easy & fast to use
  • Affordable – starting at $3,000
  • Web based service – no software to buy, install, learn, or maintain
  • Track notification via phone, text, or email
  • Guarantee fasted launch
  • Massive dialing capability – millions of calls per  hour
  • Real time reporting
  • Call back to hear last recording sent to phone
  • Web self-enrollment
  • Ensure full message to answering machine

Ensure your organization has the tools to effectively communicate during a crisis.

  • Crisis communication – Rapidly communicate critical information including security threats, lockdowns and severe weather conditions that may impact business operations to employees, investors and the media. Fasted communication launch in the industry. Literally capable of millions of calls per hour.
  • Targeted communication– Easily add categories for stakeholders, clients and staff into unique contact groups to ensure targeted message delivery.
  • Quick contact – During a launched call, instantly connect key audiences with live support to immediately resolve business matters.
  • Pre-scheduled or automated communications – Save time by pre-recording routine communications using an interactive voice recorder.
  • International capability –International dialing and SMS are ideal for businesses who regularly communicate messages to areas outside of the United States.

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