Emergency Plan Management

Emergency Plan Management / Hosting Services

Let’s face it, the planning and plan updates process is:

  • Difficult at best
  • Time consuming and labor intensive
  • A resource pig
  • Expensive

Would it make sense to:

  • Consider outsourcing Non-core parts of the labor intensive process?
  • Let someone else consolidate all plans types into a formal organizational plan?
  • Have someone else be responsible for reporting?
  • Have someone help bring accountability to the planning process?
  • Have someone host the organization’s plan outside their infrastructure via the web?

This service isn’t for all organizations, but it can make a tremendous difference where planning:

  • needs process improvement
  • has a lack of resources
  • is experiencing budget reductions
  • tools seem to complex
  • tools licensing, installation, training, and maintenance is too expensive
  • is distributed but need plan consolidation and distribution ability
  • is considering acquiring an expensive planning tool

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