Disaster Preparedness

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Disaster & Crisis Managment

All organizations need some level of disaster preparedness & Business Continuity Planning (BCP) beyond Disaster Recovery (IT). Most assume they have adequate plans, but few are truly prepared. We offer independent assessments of current plans, planning & consulting services, Business Impact Analysis, Risk Assessments, Table Top Exercises, Testing services, and BCP managed services. It’s been proven time and time again those organizations that don’t have appropriate (up to date, valid, viable, and tested) BC Plans in place, don’t meet management’s resilience goals (or some cases survive) during real disasters.

Organizations that do BCP & Disaster Preparedness correctly have a distinct competitive advantage. We can help put your organization on the path to meet your long term preparedness objectives with a cost effective, pragmatic & balanced approach.

Is your organization ready for an emergency incident or disaster disruption?

According to Gartner Group, 43% of companies were immediately put out of business by a “major loss” of computer records, and another 51% permanently close their doors within two years – leaving a mere 6% survival rate. Would your org. survive?

Disaster planning is one of the most important, but often overlooked (or under looked) aspect of any business/organization. You don’t have to look very far to find natural and man-made disasters around the world. Is your organization really prepared to face disaster? We find that most are not. Most organizations have some type of disaster plan, but rarely are they adequate.

Plan Pitfalls usually include:
Santee offers Disaster Planning Services including:

Every organization needs some level of disaster planning, but one size definitely does not fit all. There is often confusion as to what is needed, how it’s done, who should do it, do we have the expertise, are we in compliance, have we done our due diligence to protect our people and business, can we afford this, and can we afford not to do this? Sustainability does not have to be expensive. Sustainability comes through accountability. Let us take that burden.

If any of the questions below cause you anxiety, let’s discuss how we can help you sleep at night. We can help you review your disaster readiness plan from a new perspective.

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