Risk, Resilience, & Reputation Management

The Three R’s – Not Just For Big Business

Risk Management Services

Risk, Resilience & Reputation management are the pillars of organizational endurance and sustainability. Every organization is surrounded by risks. If risks are ignored, they usually end up in a Murphy’s Law story where there is damage to an organization (or an outright failure to exist). Organizational size does not dictate the need for focus on the Three R’s. All organizations must deal with these pillars either proactively or reactively.

Risk Management SolutionsWhen given the choice between being proactive and reactive to issues, astute business people almost always instinctively know that being proactive is better.

Being proactive is of course compared and prioritized against other issues and available resources. No organization can afford to be proactive on all issues hence the beginning of the confusion.

Risk, Resilience, & Reputation Management For Large Organizations

Large organizations have the most resources and the most financially to lose, so we typically see Risk Management & Business Continuity programs in place. Here there is a great challenge to not focus just on the issues of the past, but to be forward thinking. Internal resources tend to be myopic, therefore unable to effectively deal with future risks. A fresh set of eyes and experiences typically are invaluable in this process.

Risk, Resilience, & Reputation Management For Mid-Size Organizations

Mid-size organizations obviously are more limited in resources, and still have a lot to lose. The challenge of the Three R’s becomes more difficult. Multiple hats are worn by key individuals that are assigned more duties than realistically possible. The Three R’s are typically briefly discussed, an assignment is given, and initial plans are drawn to respond to obvious threats if needed. We rarely find ongoing attention to the Three R’s to ensure effective risk mitigation and preparedness. An outside  source brings the ability to reduce exposure, expense, and time while improving an organization’s preparedness & resilience levels. The Three R’s can be managed very effectively with this hybrid model.

Risk, Resilience, & Reputation Management For Small Organizations

Small organizations arguably face the toughest challenge in managing the Three R’s. In a way, they also have the most to lose, since an individual or limited number of stakeholders can be personally affected if the organization is damaged. It is practically unheard of for a small organization to be able to give the Three R’s the attention warranted. It is easy to rationalize that almost every other task is more important – until the proverbial threat hits the fan. An outside source can cost effectively and efficiently provide small organizations the needed resources, experience, and attention to best position them for success. Without this attention, small organizations remain the most susceptible to risk & disaster.

No matter your organization’s size, make sure you have a trusted outside source to help ensure that Risk – Resilience – and Reputation are managed properly. It can be a matter of survival.

Good luck.