Non-Bank Payment Advantages

Advantages To Outsourcing Your Payment Processes

With over 20 years experience providing large and small businesses alike with outsourced payment solutions we have compiled this list of advantages to non-bank based payment solutions.

Full transparency

  • No minimum annual spend to attain before you earn rebates
  • No tiered rebate structure; means maximum rebate to you
  • Maximum rebate basis points
  • Rebates received monthly
  • No maintenance fees

Secure & Easy to implement

  • Use single-use virtual card technology, this works best for AP Invoice payments and simplifies reconciliations, # used once unlike Ghost cards & P Cards, eliminates fraud risk of stolen card numbers.
  • No changes required to your payment output file; no need to include a card payment method in your payment data file.

Vendor Service

  • Contact all vendors regardless of spend; Not limited to call just the vendors you have phone #’s and contact for – Net much higher conversion rates!
  • Support Vendor Signup for both Card and ACH using same team and vendor portal; smooth, efficient, and not pushy
  • Vendor Portal for self-service, manage account into, electronic remittance data provided at no cost; more value for vendors as well.
  • Email and mail campaign for small vendors.

On-Going Service

  • Phone campaign with annual spend at $5,000 or above; 30-40% of rebates from vendors with less than $50k spend annually
  • Five follow up calls – gentle persistence
  • If no phone number is provided, they find the # and give it to you for your records
  • Re-run campaigns to capture new vendors every 6 months, on-going
  • Follow up with vendors who “forget” to charge the card – similar to check escheatment, but they resolve for you
  • Phone success rate 45% – Outstanding!